NADI Biotherapy is dedicated to helping you recover from pains, aches, and ailments effectively without using needles, drugs, or surgery.

Our goal is to provide a natural healing solution designed to revitalize your body and encourage it to heal.

Our mission is to help people live a happy, pain-free, and rejuvenated life.

certified and licensed acupuncturist


Founded by Nadya Chow, a licensed acupuncturist and Frequency Specific Microcurrent practitioner.

She is focused on providing effective needle-free treatment solutions for pain management and general wellness. 

After graduating from the Asanté Academy of Chinese Medicine in London (trained by Professor Sung Xuan Ke and Doctor Jeffrey Song), she progressed to study Bioelectric Meridian Therapy and has completed her diplomas in Pathology and Bioelectricity.

Nadya has researched various bio-electrical treatment techniques, studied the works of the Frequency Specific Microcurrent (USA), and attended seminars and workshops conducted by Dr. McMakin (founder of FSM) herself.