Bioelectric Meridian Therapy

NADI Biotherapy is a specialist in Bioelectric Meridian Therapy – a revolutionary technique combining the best of acupuncture, TCM, and deep tissue massage with bioelectrical nerve stimulation, to relieve pain and tap on your body’s natural healing power.


NADI helps people in pain using an innovative solution that combines bioelectrical nerve stimulation, with the muscle relaxation benefits of traditional massages.

We use this approach to target precise meridian points in the body to treat various conditions ranging from neck, shoulder, and back pain, to migraines, muscle pain, and more.


Bioelectric Meridian Therapy is a safe, drug-free, restorative therapy that provides multiple benefits:

  • Relieves Pain & Aches
  • Nervous System Stimulation
  • Muscle Stimulation / Relaxation
  • Improves Blood Flow / Circulation
  • Promotes Organ Health
  • Improves Functionality / Mobility
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Anti-aging, Beauty, Slimming
  • And much more


Our bioelectric meridian therapy device uses a controllable amount of low-voltage electrical current that’s transmitted through a trained practitioner’s hands into your body.

By directing this energy at specific nerves and meridian points in your body, we’re able to help with pain relief, muscle relaxation, and improved functionality/mobility by stimulating and activating the peripheral nerves, muscle tissue, and cells.

In addition, our therapy unblocks the body’s main meridian pathways to promote an improved flow of Qi (energy), which enhances blood flow to the vital organs and strengthens the immune system.


NADI’s Bioelectric Meridian Therapy provides relief for both acute and chronic pain and improves your body’s general health and overall functionality.

It does this by opening & clearing the body’s key meridians, which improves blood flow, revitalizes cellular function, and encourages the body to heal itself.


At NADI Biotherapy, we take a holistic approach to treat pain and help you feel better.

The initial goal is to provide relief for the symptomatic pain. Then, we focus on the root causes to develop a treatment plan that targets the underlying problems.

Some people experience immediate pain relief after just one treatment. Most of the time, you will feel the results after a few sessions.

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